Sunday, 9 November 2008

What a pretty setting this is - and so simple to create - what with a white linen cloth for the table, a stack of plates, glasses and white serving dish being the basis for this table top. Add some candles and a large overhanging tree as your stage set and voila - a beautiful table upon which to feast. Enjoy!


MelsRosePlace said...

Hmmm definitely my kind of setting, i was lucky enough to get 2 of those chairs at the Brunswick Antique/Flea market weekend in June (heads up for you next year - it was fun and some really great goodies). It just looks gorgeous! Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

hi Shannon, Love your blog.I'm intrigued by your question, "how to tackele the curse of a messy house?". I would love to hear your answers to this. We have a fairly small house,with 3 messy boys & a sad lack of storage. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Mary Jo said...

Makes me wish for spring again! So pretty and fresh looking!


Hello Shannon, A special treat for you awaits..on my blog.

viera said...

Lovely setting . Love the idea of hanging lights. So cute!