Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Rocket Salad...

I've been meaning to post this pic since I did my last post on the rocket (arugula) that's growing out in the garden (see posts a few weeks ago!). This is what became of all of that lovely rocket - a beautiful and fresh rocket and parmesan salad. It's so simple to make, and so satisfying to eat, particularly as an accompaniment to pasta. Just shave some parmesan over your rocket, drizzle in a lovely, nutty olive oil, sprinkle some balsamic vinegar, add some salt, a little pepper and voila - a beautiful salad to enjoy any time of the year. Oh, did I mention - served on a lovely Nigella Lawson icy blue ceramic serving platter! Parfait! Perfecto! And just, damn fine!

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Karen said...

I love this salad Shannon and always order it whenever I eat italian. It's so perfect.