Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Thanking You...

Thanks so much to everyone who left me a comment on the post I did a couple of days ago about my new home (see below...below!) It's very encouraging to receive such positive feedback and I really appreciate all of your kind words. And, I'm glad you like the Florence - it's such a delight to live with. Thanks again....
Also, I thought that it was about time that I introduce you to my fourth child (although she's more grandmother than child!) - Stella the Stockhorse. Although I think of her as my baby she's actually 18 years old and a little long in the tooth - but divine to look at. I say look at, because I haven't actually ridden her in a while! As my good friend Rebecca says, she has become more of a 'garden ornament' these days - but nonetheless a lovely 'garden ornament'! You see, Stella has had a bit of a hard life and suffered a degree of neglect before she made her way to me. And so, I feel that she deserves a spell out in the green pastures without bother or pressure! As they say, that's my excuse... and I'm sticking to it!!! sx


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Shannon, how are you? I'm just trying to catch up on all my favourite blogs! I absolutely love your wallpaper selection in your house - so beautiful! Thank you so much for the lovely post you did on me a couple of weeks agao. Sorry I wasn't here at the time to thank you!! You are very kind! It was so great to meet you also in Melbourne. I definitely hope we can meet again soon!!

Shannon Fricke said...

HI Anna,
Welcome back! Looks like you've been having fun over there in heaven!
It was lovely to meet you in Melbourne too - hope to catch up again soon