Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Food and Friendship...

I love to have friends over for dinner - it's such a lovely opportunity to bring those that you love together to share the gift of food and to give the gift of time to one another. For me, decorating the table adds to the experience of it all and so I love to spend time thinking about lovely and unique ways on which to serve my offerings. It doesn't need to be tricky, a simple white dinner plate and linen napkin accented with a glass filled with a single flower is a beautiful gesture in itself. However, if you have the time and the energy there are many creative ways to inject a sense of yourself into your dinner table. I dug up these pics of a table that I decorated for a TV segment for HouseGuests - a food and decorating show that I worked on for The Lifestyle Channel a little while ago. This was for our winter special and so the colour palette is warm and rustic - perfect for serving roasts and stews upon. Some vine from the garden, intertwined around our candles makes for a beautiful centre piece. And the twig resting on the napkin, a wintery gesture, adds another layer to the table. How lovely!

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I love this page
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candles beautiful and the woven basket
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