Friday, 15 August 2008

Country Style...

Some of you out there may know that I do a bit of styling for the lovely Country Style magazine. Being a country bumpkin myself these days, there's nothing that I love more than flicking open the pages of the mag to get an insight into how others are living their country lives. And now that the magazine has been revamped with a design to reflect a whole new breed of sea and tree changes, it just feels so relevant and cutting edge. I feel very remiss in not sharing some pics of this beautiful mag with you and so above are a mix of shots by a mix of photographers and stylists. The cover, however, is one of mine....


Villa Anna said...

Country Style is definately a favourite of mine. I'll be looking out for your pages now.

Anna :)

Jenny said...

The revamp is fantastic and it is back as my favourite mag. The last 4 covers have been fabulous so I'm so thrilled to find out one of them is yours. Thanks for making my coffee table look great!
I actually posted some shots from this month's edition a few days back. Couldn't resist.

Shannon Fricke said...

Doesn't it just look divine. It's such a gorgeous mag to pour over and to work for too. The team are all so lovely.

freefalling said...

LOVED that cover!
Been a big fan of CS for many years.
I'm desensitizing my city husband in stages:
first, years of holidays in the country,
then an investment property in a country town that "accidentally" turned into our home,
next increment, a big bush block that might "accidentally" turn into A FARM!!!
(evil laugh - little does he know!).
Really enjoying your blog.
Can't wait to get me some chooks!

Shannon Fricke said...

Ah Freefalling,
You are a woman after my own heart! I like your style.

Anna Spiro said...

I heard you were doing some styling for CS!!! Love their new look and love this cover you did!

Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company said...

Yes I loved this cover too. Made me want to jump on the tyre and swing away!

Chelsea said...

This looks like a really fun magazine. I'll have to try and track it down in the US.Great job with the cover.

Barbara said...

I went out and bought a copy of Country Style after seeing this!

Are you planning on doing any more work on the Lifestyle Channel Shannon? I am missing my fix of Home!

Shannon Fricke said...

HI Barbara,
I'm glad you like the mag - there's so many beautiful houses in there!
And, I would love to be doing more HOME but alas after five series it has come to an end. But, I'll keep you posted as to anything new coming up.

ness lockyer said...

I never realised that cover was yours! We added a tire swing after I bought that issue. I have also posted on Olive Grove Retreat a few times, the photos in that mag are delicious. Will have to keep an eye out for your pieces from now on. Ness xx

Shannon Fricke said...

Go the swing... it provides hours of fun for otherwise bored children!