Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Rustic Country....

I'm sure that you've all worked out by now that I'm a complete sucker for all things country and rustic. For me, there's something just so alluring about lived in walls and textured interiors - about rooms filled with simple furnishings and gardens filled with wild flowers. These spaces feel so honest, so real - and I've always been one to look for the truth in things. I came across these pics at Country Living and thought I'd share them. Hope they evoke feelings of honesty in you too!


ness lockyer said...

I totally agree, they are beautiful. The bed/bathroom is divine. Ness xx

KyleeB said...

Hi Shannon,
I love your style and checking in with your blog for inspiration. And I have a bit of a 'decorating dilemma': I need a bit of colour in my lounge room. It has 3 windows, north or west facing, it has with great dappled light as there is a lovely large tree just outside. Have stoney sort of grey walls (they have a nice depth to them), mid toned timber floors and a open fireplace surround with black slate, crazy pave style.
Key furniture is taupe couch, rustic carved sideboard and an antique piano (both sort of mid toned). I'd like to intro colour/texture/interest in cushions, rug, maybe curtains?, and in recovering 2 recliner chairs. What colours would be good to bring a bit of life to the room? We use it a lot in winter, and it is the first room guests walk into. I would love to hear your suggestions. (Sorry about the long comment!). Thanks, Kylee

Shannon Fricke said...

Hi KyleeB,
Sounds like you need to infuse a warm colour palette into your space - have you got any pics you can send through so I can have a look.

Villa Anna said...

Lovely lovely pics Shannon. This relaxed, unpretentious, well-worn style beckons me everytime. That red toile pillow is pure love.

Anna :)

red ticking said...

hello shannon... my name is pam robinson and i have a vintage home store in seattle wa called red ticking... my philosophy is to collect and share all things rare and beautiful with the world and i your blog truly is at the heart... i love rustic, country, worn, torn and of course... elegant.
ck out my website i hope to have my blog up soon.... be well... thank you for sharing with all of us... you have a great eye..

Primrose said...

Divine. I adore rustic as well. You feel calm even just looking at those images!