Sunday, 9 March 2008

Welcome Back Wallpaper

Thank goodness that wallpaper has become fashionable again; I can't think of a more sophisticated way to infuse colour and pattern into a home. I view wallpaper as a kind of artwork for your walls, providing colour and interest for the eye and excitement for the soul. Sadly, though, many people are scared to use it - the permanency of the pattern and the fear that once it falls out of fashion you'll be stuck with it outweighs its benefits. However, the contemporary approach to wallpaper is to use it sparingly, on a single wall or entrance area - using it this way saves you from overwhelming the rest of the decor and ensures your interior remains current. The designs created by the late Florence Broadhurst (which you'll find at are my favourite of all - their colour and pattern remain modern regardless of the era. Here's a couple of examples to titillate the senses! And what about this picture of Florence in her day! I hope you like the pics as much as I do.

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