Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Few Colour Tips

When I think about bold and bright colour combinations, it's the designs of Tricia Guild from Designer's Guild that spring to mind. If you love the idea of using colour in your home but aren't quite sure how to go about it, then these few tips should help...

* Look to the environment around you for colour inspiration. The green of the trees, the blue ocean, the grey city streets all provide the opportunity to see colour in action
* Think about colours in terms of their unique character and personality. How does each colour make you feel? Could you live with it?
* Stick with strong and vibrant colours - like red, hot pink and orange - to stimulate and promote the feeling of activity in a room.
* Keep to the cooler end of the spectrum - that is blue and green - if calm and tranquility is what you prefer.
* Combine bright colour with bold and geometric patterning to create a contemporary space
* Muted, earthy tones of orange, pink and mustard convey a feeling of warmth and laid-back living
* Even a simple colour gesture, through a cushion or rug on the floor will add individuality and interest to a space

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Mom said...

Good tips. Thank you.