Thursday, 13 March 2008

sense of style: colour + space

I'm very excited to share the cover of my new book with you - I hope you like the design as much as I do! sense of style: colour + space is a 320-page hardback compilation of my two previous books (sense of style: colour and sense of style: space) to be published by Murdoch Books. This is what Murdoch have to say about it:

Sense of Style: Colour + Space is the complete ‘how to’ interior design book with its own distinctive sense of style. Interior stylist Shannon Fricke presents all of the design tools needed to use space and colour to create home decor that will truly reflect your own individuality, style and personal tastes. Shannon’s approach combines sensory awareness with practical skills and the essential basic principles of design in order to assist you to discover and apply your own innate sense of individual style.

Look for it in bookstores May 2008 or through my website.


Kimberlee said...

Hi S! - i'm currently in at work on a Saturday (booo!) and I needed a break and thought I would indulge in some of your archived posts as a treat.... I came across this and have to share a story with you that I wasn't going to share for fear of absolute shame!!! - I got so excited when I found out you had a book(s) so I ran (literally) down to my local book store and requested your books, they had two - this one and Sense of Colour, the third they said they didn't have. Ok - i'll take them both I say. I get home, sit down, supremo excited (maybe with a glass of wine in my hand, it was after midday so it was ok) did my initial flick through sense of colour drooling and then went to do my initial flick through the one featured in this post (i do initial flick then go back and read - like I do with mags).... um, hang on a minute, these are the same photos, ahhh - you should except some repeats I thought, hang on a minute, this section of the book is featured in that one as well...... and finally it dawned on me....... Sense of Style: colour + space was in face a collaboration of both books. Red faced I returned to the book shop to share the errors of my way. Ok, it's out there, I've told you, I'm red faced again! - ok back to the tax and numbers, have a great weekend Shannon xxx( sorry for the long comment!!) x PS- thanks for creating such a fabulous book(s)?!

Anonymous said...

I have searched high and low for Sense of Style: Colour and Space or Sense of STyle Space, but they seem to be impossible to find. I already have your beautiful Sense of Style: Colour. KNow where I can buy ther others? J

Shannon Fricke said...

Hi J,
Thanks for your interest in the books.
The only book still avail is sos colour - the others have completely sold out! Look out for my new book - How To Decorate - to released 26th April 2012.