Thursday, 27 March 2008

Floorboard Paint

photograph by Prue Ruscoe

Q: 'I love the look of white floorboards, so I’ve decided to paint the entry foyer and living room floorboards in my house white.
Could you recommend the best paint to use on the floorboards? It is an area that is walked on everyday so I understand it will get marks, so I want to use something durable. I don’t mind if it’s gloss or matt.' Amanda

A: Hi Amanda. I, too, love the the look of painted floorboards - in fact I've just painted some floorboards in my house in a soft grey/blue and they've come up a treat. You're right that painted boards will mark a bit, regardless of what you use on them, but in my opinion, that adds to the character. Re product - I've found that a high gloss enamel paint is the way to go. The high gloss will add extra durability and the shine will tone down after a few walks. Enamel paints are difficult to use, so I recommend a professional here - ours applied three coats with a roller. Don't skimp on product as the quality will make all the difference - I went for Dulux. Happy Painting!

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christine said...

Hi Shannon
I love the idea of painted floorboards.. Did you do it?
Love to see how they turned out.