Monday, 3 March 2008

Check out my new love

Hi all,
I have to share a pic of my new home with you.
I instantly fell in love with this turn of the century farmhouse in country New South Wales, Australia - don't you just love it too?
I'm a big fan of old timber homes - in fact my last home of 10 years looked scarily similar to this - I think an aesthetic pattern is unfolding in my life! Although old homes can come with a set of difficulties that you don't get in a home built to your unique specifications, for me there is something perennially alluring about houses that have been standing for decades. Perhaps it's that the timber looks and feels so textured and rustic or that they feel so lived in and wise - but whatever it is, it's how I like to live. This old beauty needs a little bit of TLC to give her back her pride, but a paint job should help with that.


Jenny said...

She's gorgeous - I can't wait to see what you do with her.

Shannon Fricke said...

Thanks Jenny.
She's a bit of a handful, but worth the effort! It's always the tricky ones that are the most satisfying, I find.

Kimberlee said...

um, this is your house? JEALOUS! x