Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Desiderata 2

I remember, growing up at home, that my mother had a copy of these beautiful words (see Tuesday's post) on the fridge in the kitchen. More than any other aspect of decoration in our house, it was this humble piece of writing that had the most impact. To me, Desiderata embodies exactly what home and living is all about - the strive for balance, peace and connection. I've always felt that the way that we decorate our homes is about more than just the pieces that we use to fill it, but rather, the sentiment created from the choices that we make and the arrangement of things. And so, every time I go about decorating a house, whether mine or a somebody else's, I try, through the use of pattern, colour and choice of furniture, to create the good feeling that I get when I read Desiderata.

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Sylvie said...

I too grew up with it hanging in our home. On a recent visit to my Mom's I was pleased to see that she has it hanging in her office. Continuity is nice :)