Monday, 30 June 2008

Small Space - Large Life....

Small spaces can house beautiful gardens in the same way that large ones can - and I thought that this picture was a lovely representation of that idea. I love that the space feels so abundant and lush, even though it's footprint is courtyard sized. And I also love the combination of free flowing and more shapely forms used in the plant selections. However I think that what really makes this garden is the colour of the shutters behind it - it adds a vibrancy to what would be a fairly simple and subdued colour palette. 
pic source: cotemaison

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Primrose said...

Okay, this has really inspired me. I've just been looking at my small courtyard wishing I had a huge vegetable garden in the country but this has given me some hope. I also love the way the French make the loveliest gardens in teensy weensy spaces. Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration hit!