Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ici et La Love...

Well, it's raining again up here on the farm and so I'm dreaming of far away places! Namely, France in the summer! Oh France... how lovely you are. And when I think of France in Australia, I think of the gorgeous homewares store, Ici et La. 
Ici et La have such beautiful things, however it's their bold and bright striped canvas fabrics that really do it for me. I'm thinking a deckchair in front of the fire might be nice right now! All I need then is a pic of the Cote d'Azur pinned to the lounge room wall!


Nanette said...

Dear Shannon, I'm not one for gushy fan letters but I guess I'm making an exception this time. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy a lot of the work that you do with interiors and although I haven't seen any of your tv stuff, (am not into cable/commercial programming), I'm loving the books. Idiosyncratic, warm, family-and-history-centric interiors are my favourite kind of calling card.

For myself, I'm taking baby-steps into the interior design world. You have been inspirational.
Thank you.

Primrose said...

Dear Shannon,
Thanks for the link to the shop. I love anything French and I'm so excited to be starting French lessons (again) this year. Isn't the postcard terrific? I saw a great idea on MySpace where somebody was blowing up old postcards and framing them to make very original, beautiful pieces of artwork. x