Sunday, 22 June 2008

And So...To The Reno!

Well, the carpets are up, exposing the original farmhouse floorboards in the lounge room, kitchen and dining room and newer boards along the enclosed verandah.  Overall, the boards are in great condition - just a little grubby - nothing that a good sanding can't fix. Undercoats have gone onto the walls on the inside and the house is getting an overall 're-balancing' - which should help to cure some of its aches and pains! The trick with this lovely beauty is to help bridge the gap between the older, more original features, the 1980s renovation (which enclosed all of the verandahs with aluminum sliding doors) and then of course, adding a few new touches. The bones are great though, so hopefully, it shouldn't be too tricky! Only time will tell....

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