Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rocket Man....

I was so excited to pick my first load of new season rocket (arugula) from the garden the other day that I just had to take a photograph of it! This life just never ceases to amaze me - in that you can just pop some seedlings into the ground, water and shazzam - you have rocket a plenty, to eat for lunch or dinner. Rocket is such a lovely, peppery tasting leaf - so easy to grow in a plot or even a pot outside in the back courtyard. The downside, of course, is that just as nature giveth so does it taketh away - and so this was the only rocket pickings that I managed to enjoy as the hail storms hit us a few days ago and there is rocket no more! However I still have this picture to remind me of what's possible. And so it's back to the garden for a clean out and more planting! 


viera said...

It is such a joy to pick own produce from the garden. I am getting self sufficient with tomatoes(they taste devine) and herbs.Luckily the hail storm missed Brisbane. I will try to plant some rocket as well.
Keep gardening.
Love your blog.
Enjoy your weekend.

Shannon Fricke said...

Thanks for your lovely words Viera. I'm glad the hail missed you - it really did wreak havoc around the area. Sadly some of the local growers lost their crops for the season, which makes these times more difficult indeed and also means that there will be less beautiful and fresh produce to buy from the side of the road - which is such a lovely thing around here. But must go - back to the garden with me!

Anna said...

Oh that rocket looks really fresh and just waiting for a gorgeous spring salad dressing! Enjoy!