Friday, 17 October 2008

Digging The Dirt...

I'm in absolute heaven at the moment because I've been spending all of my time digging up a new vegetable garden to accompany my first - which, I must boast, is still flourishing to boot. In this new garden I've planted pumpkin, rockmelon (a total experiment), beetroot (a fave), rocket, snow peas, tomatoes and so on. My neighbour, Mr Buckley, came over to help dig the grass up with his special digging machine, then I shipped in some more soil from the local soil guy and popped the seedlings into the ground. Luckily, the heavens have been blessing us a little, and so, we are well on our way to beautiful, flourishing veges. And not a minute too soon given the current economic climate!
This pic is of me doing my digging out in the garden. Now, don't think that I always look this clean when I'm tinkering around out there in the dirt! However, this pic was taken by my magician friend, photographer Prue Ruscoe for a secret project that I'm hoping to reveal to you in the not too distant future - pending blessings from my dream angels of course! All good vibes welcome this way! lol


Michelle said...

Aren't country neighbors so generous with their time and advice! That's a gorgeous photo and look forward to seeing your future project.

Shannon Fricke said...

Yes, i love our lovely neighbours - they have been in the area for generations and are such an inspiration. Mr Buckley has a lovely orchard - filled with peaches, nectarines, blueberries, oranges and lemons etc. He's such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these things.

Kimberlee said...

I miss the veggie garden we had as kids when I grew up in the kitchen! And shannon, this is a fabulous photo, can't wait for the secret project to be revealed! x

Karen said...

Hi Shannon,
I would love a vege garden too - but my concrete courtyard isn't so inspiring a location.
Love the pic too - and can't wait to hear about your new project

Shannon Fricke said...

Hello everyone,
Thanks for your well wishes. Fingers and toes crossed!

Barb F said...

This a great photo! Your veggie garden sounds fantastic. Unfortunately I am having trouble just keeping the plants in my garden alive! (damn drought)

Very much looking forward to hearing about your secret project. Good luck!

Shannon Fricke said...

Hi Barb,
Yes, we are lucky here when it comes to the rainfall. I've done a little research re drought tough vegetables and it seems that tomatoes, squashes and melons are the best way to go, as they establish deeper root systems which allows them to draw moisture from deep within the soil rather than rely on constant watering. Hope this helps a little. Let me know how you go.
p.s if you can, check out my good friend Brendan Moar's show Dry Spell Gardening on The Lifestyle Channel as he has wonderful tips on which plants to grow and how to keep them alive during water tough times.

Steph Bond said...

Hi Shannon - living the dream!!!! I'd also love some chooks for my little one to chase around the yard. I'll be watching out for your new project with baited breath.

Shannon Fricke said...

Hi Steph,
Yes, sometimes it feels like I'm just dreaming - daydreaming mostly! It's hard for a girl to concentrate on things when surrounded by beautiful, lush scenery like this. I could wile away my life out there in those paddocks!

sashka said...

thats wonderful. I love your backyard. Just a lush green expanse on the horizon.