Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Importance Of Doing Nothing...

I'm a big believer in the power of doing nothing... Just sitting, being, and staring into space for a while... For me, it's these moments in time when beauty has a chance to flourish... These moments in time, when we're not pushing, striving, aiming, achieving - instead when we are just being - when creativity has a chance to seed and with that, the space to grow... I find it impossible to be truly creative when I'm pushing too hard towards a goal. There's just no room... And so, even with deadlines looming, with chores piling up, with people to see, and children to clothe - I always try and make time to just be... Even for a few minutes... Even a split second... In this space lies beauty... And in the beauty lies happiness and best of all, therein lies the clarity... It's a discipline to be sure, all of this doing nothing... We are trained to do, we are trained to strive, we are trained to push toward what we want. But, I'm not convinced that this is the way to fulfillment of any kind. Even as a decorator - even when working with clients - I try to find the space for their and my ideas to grow. A client who is living with only my ideas forced upon them, who has had no hand in the creation of their own home is not a fulfilled client I say... Not in the long term at least... And as we know, creation of this kind does take time. It takes space... It takes doing nothing at all... Sometimes, it's the only way... Happy Sunday all... I hope you find time for nothing...

love you terrain @ styers


Karena said...

Shannon this post really resonated with me. I have to make a real effort to step back, breathe and as you are saying, just be.

I know it can be so relaxing, rejuvenating, peaceful.

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beachcomber said...

i like your philosophy.. it's important to spend time to do nothing every day. sometimes so hard to do.
cheryl x

deborah said...

Yeap I'm there with you on that one ... went for a walk this morning with the hub to the beach, we were bathed in glorious sunshine, the crunching of the sand under our feet and the occassional break of a wave on the shore. Hub reminded me that we didn't need to analyise work, life or anything in between or we needed to do was walk. Sheer Bliss.