Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Where Are They Now...

Hello everyone,
I'm back from my whirlwind trip to NYC and have spent the week, head down, bum up, so to speak, catching up on all that needs doing before the holidays...

And as we slide into Christmas - I thought I'd squeeze in one last, Where Are They Now - because I do so love to hear about what my past workshoppers are up to... This is Lyndel Miller (who attended a styling workshop in 2011) and this will be a real treat, particularly for those of you who are interested in a career as a stylist. Lyndel's journey is such an inspiring one as 2011 saw her dream of becoming a stylist turn into a reality... It goes to show that you can make your dreams happen - even if you don't live in a major city like Sydney or Melbourne (Lyndel lives in the Gold Coast) Anyway, I let you read her story for yourselves.... I hope you enjoy....

'I have never made a New Years resolution but on New Years Day 2011 I said to my sister I think I would make a good stylist.  I had been reading some great books, and researched courses, including Shannon's fabulous workshops , and decided it was time to throw myself wholeheartedly into this idea , and started enrolling and researching. I love research! and I started studying.
I committed to 2 courses and 2 workshops I thought had the most to offer. ISCD, Australian College of Professional Styling, Food Styling and Shannon's Styling 101. I was hooked ! and I knew from the very beginning that this was for me. 
I had such a varied background, but all of what I had learn't / experienced in the past graced me with tools to carry me through on this next adventure.
I sped through studies ( didn't seem like work ) and before I had  finished Skye Craig for Masterchef (Series 2) had offered me the job of styling her upcoming campaign for the launch of her gourmet ice- cream and dessert range. 
She liked my aesthetic , we had worked together in the past on an advertising campaign, where Skye was our Graphic Artist. 
I was so excited! This was my big break, as they say.
Of course, I said yes! 
I styled the shoots on all levels,wardrobe. prop and food ( ice cream) and assisted in production also.
I worked alongside photographer Armelle Habib, which was a great pleasure and I felt right at home.
After this, I joined with photographer Mindi Cooke, who was working for Frankie Magazine and we did some commercial, interior and food shoots. A mixture of paid work and portfolio shoots. (Finding an amazing photographer to work with is paramount ! especially when you are building a portfolio as I was and continue to do) Mindi was a gift from the heavens! Love you Mind!
A few months had past and Skye was in contact again with me and asked if I would be interested in styling her upcoming dessert book and then lead to an offer to co - author..I threw myself again wholeheartedly into the book, styling on all levels. Some said it was way too much to pull off. I was determined and energised by the whole process.Working with Skye , a talented art director and kindred spirit was fantastic!  I was living my dream! ( and still am )  
I love my work, I love all it's facets, and I particularly love food. I have a background in hospitality, natural medicine and design..all of which has bought me to this place now where I feel I am mean't to be. I found myself, finally.  
My style is eclectic, emotive and original.. I work from the heart. 
I spend my days researching, fossicking, sourcing props ( love this! ) developing recipes I hope to published, perhaps in magazines ( always aiming high! )  and search for avenues that may require my services. I have a facebook page too which I think has been really helpful also. ( never thought I would think that ! ) 
I am open to travel and have accommodation in Sydney and Melbourne( though I haven't need to do this yet )  and if I was to offer any advice to others wanting to do same, I would say " trust in yourself, it is never to late, and you can make anything happen, stop saying and start doing" No excuses! Stay tuned..a book in the making for May next year :)) and if I don't say so myself , it is exquisite! 

Thanks Shannon , you are an inspiration and such a great support. Love who you are, love your work! 

Wow Lyndel, what an adventure... What I love about Lyndel's story is that she just goes for it! She's always on the lookout for opportunities and grabs them when they come along which is so important in the world of styling; as in life... As you look your opportunities in the eye, and then do the best you can to rise to the opportunity - well, this is where the growth comes and this is where we evolve as professionals and as people. Thank you Lyndel for your inspirational story.

2011 has been a lovely year for our workshops. We introduced our Styling 101 workshop - which was great fun as we got out of our chairs, and into the studio, working with props to create small vignettes... Plus we continued with our wonderful How To Decorate and Just Colour Workshops. I've met so many inspiring women through the workshops - there's something magical about a group of women around a table - listening, talking and creating together. Thank you to everyone who has attended a workshop - it has been such a pleasure to spend time with you. 2012 will be an exciting year as we continue with our workshop series. I'll be taking them on the road (to NYC!) early in the year - as well as hosting you in my hometown of Bangalow with some special workshops at the farm! Our new look website will be up and running early 2012 (along with the launch of some very exciting projects) - I'll let you know of details as they come to hand... Happy Styling all...


beachvintage.com said...

Merry Xmas to you Shannon. Take care and all the best for the New Year too! xx

Debbie said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Shannon, and thank you for helping to make this year special...both through your workshops and your blog posts.

Hotly Spiced said...

Your friend certainly has achieved her 2011 goal. What a great opportunity to style for Skye.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Shannon, just wanted to stop by and wish you all things bright, beautiful, and peaceful in 2012! Looking forward to more of your wonderful inspirational posts!
xoxo Mary Jo

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