Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dappled Light and Subdued Colour is so 'Naturelle'...

I received an email from Annemique de Kroon recently, the founder, editor, photographer and art director (phew!) of online Dutch magazine Naturelle. She knows that I'm a big fan of the gorgeous small hotel, Trasierra, owned by Charlotte Scott and situated in southern Spain (outside of Seville) - and wanted to let me know of an article on Trasierra featured in her latest issue... Trasierra is a special place to me - because I spent time there with my mother whilst on my '40 year old journey'. You remember? But I digress... On flicking through the pages of Naturelle in search of the mentioned article, I noticed the loveliest thing... The dappled light and the subdued colour found within all of the interiors featured... The soft, almost hazy European light - a kind of barely there light that works to support rather than overwhelm an interior. Here in Australia, we have harsh light. It's bright, it's bold, it's in your face... The effect of which gives a kick to even the most reticent of colour. However, in the interiors above - the light plays a supporting role to the space - it casts shadows, it provides reprieve, it lulls... There's a quiet confidence to this kind of light - it's there but it doesn't need to make a 'notice me now' statement. I have to say, that I like it... There's something embracing about it... And it's a reminder to me, as an interior decorator to always pay respect to the role that light plays in a space. It's a crucial factor to ensuring flow and harmony... Thanks Annemique for the inspiration and for reminding me of the beautiful Trasierra!

all pics from Naturelle magazine


Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Thanks so much for sharing these captures and the link to Naturelle, I just spent a long time browsing the gorgeous online editions and I'm so impressed! Its amazing and addictive.
I very much love this beautiful Dutch home too, the details are very warm and cozy.

Café com Conversa said...

Hello, I just read your post, this place must be special ... kiss,

Josi Ane