Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What An Art Piece...

Nadine from Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby showcases the most extraordinary artworks, including paintings, jewelery and more... She has a great eye and her gallery is always full to the brim with exciting pieces that get the senses flowing and the mind thinking... I love popping over to Mullum to check out what new and exciting things are going on there and was very excited when she reintroduced me to the work of body illustrator and photographer Emma Hack... You'll probably remember Emma's Florence Broadhurst wallpaper Mandala series? So, so very clever... These pics are also from her Exotic and Native Mandala series and I'm just so very drawn to their depth. They are so very deceptive, these pieces - in an exciting and inspiring way...  Can you imagine the patience required to complete an artwork? Something akin to torture for a gal like me! But, what talent... Thanks Emma for creating these beautiful artworks and to Nadine for consistently showcasing interesting and talented types in the littlest big town of Mullumbimby...


Karena said...

Emma's works of art are truly unique! Would love to see her at work in the studio!

Art by Karena

Accommodation Byron Bay said...

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Small Holdings Farm said...

those works of art really sneak up on you--unusual Sherron

Emma Hack said...

Hi Shannon

Thanks for the lovely words.

You can see me create these works on utube:

Wallpaper Collection:


Native Mandala