Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Creative Spaces

Whenever we find ourselves in need of some inspiration up here at the studio,
a favourite place to visit is Little Peach in Bangalow. 
Owned by the incredibly clever, Jane Champain, the shop is full of gorgeous Japanese collectables and clothing. 
Jane travels to Japan regularly where she sources vintage kimonos.  With the help of well-known costume maker Catherine Overgaard, they carefully take the gowns apart and redesign them as clothes, scarves and beads.  
From the tiny origami swans to the hand-painted silk lanterns, Little Peach is a burst of colour and creativity.  It never fails to inspire.   If you're heading to Bangalow - then make sure you take a peek - it is just pure heaven... Love you Jane Champain...

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Meg Leece said...

I love that shop! I won money playing two up on Anzac Day at the pub up the road and splurged on a my favourite necklace with the winnings... A moment earlier my partner advised against the purchase saying I should save (how boring!). Ahhh Bangalow is heaven.