Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Jocelyn Warner - Wallpaper Art

If you're a regular to my blog then you've you've probably worked out that I'm a big wallpaper fan. I find that it's such a lovely way to add an element of eccentricity to a space. I'm always excited when I come across a wallpaper designer whose work I've never seen before and was overjoyed when a colleague introduced me tot he beautiful designs of Jocelyn Warner. Jocelyn launched her own wallpaper label in 1999 with a collection of hand printed wallpapers which were created by scanning plants and objects at life size, then manipulating them on the computer to simplify their form. Her unique style, which includes repeated patterns and organic forms are contemporary with an edge of quirkiness, and at times eeriness. They'd certainly contribute to a very unique interior indeed.

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Anna Spiro said...

Hi, your blog is gorgeous and I adore your work. I have just posted a review of your new book on my blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.